About Us

Shri Dauji Sweets are manufacturers, retailers and exporters of Sweets, Namkeens and other related products since the year 1985. With the rich experience of our two generations, we offer the cleanest and best quality products produced using the most modern technology to suits the contemporary taste.

These latest developments however do not stop us from continuing the traditional tastes and recipes. Owned by a leading Sweets Manufacturers, which is often referred as the Sweets Paradise of India, Shri Dauji has on offer everything that will make your mood festive and joyous.

We offer wide array of Indian Sweets and Snacks, which include Mysore Pak, Burfis, Laddus, Bengali Sweets, Halwas, Bengali Sweets, Malai Peda, Kesar Peda, Sohan Papdi, Chandrakala, Badusha, Karjur (biscuit), Kalakandh, Jamoon, Damrot, Coconut Mitai (juicy), Jangir, Jalebi, Chiroti, Penni and many others.

In addition to offering mouth watering sweets, we also provide Dry Fruits, Namkeen (Savouries) and Chaats as part of our product range.

What Set Us Apart

The unmatched taste, unbeatable quality and extensive variety is what makes our products stand apart from the rest, making us the most prominent Indian Sweets Manufacturers and Suppliers across the Globe.

What set us apart from our competitors and peers have been the quality and the taste of the sweets offered by us. With commitment and pledge to bring to you the authentic exquisite taste of India, we continue our march to excellence in the Indian Sweets Segment and capture latest market space.

It be a festival, celebration or any other jolly events like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and get together, our Snacks and Sweets are bound to offer unique and special taste to these events.

Prepared by experienced cooks and culinary experts, using best quality finest and freshest ingredients, we offer the real taste of India from any and every corner of India, right at your doorstep.